Friday, 30 September 2016

Call for Papers, Documents and Audiovisual Material

Call for Papers, Documents and Audiovisual Material

An Invitation to Prospective Contributors

In line with the intention of maintaining a high-level informative, and objective review, the editors of Studia Croatica – Institute for Croatian Culture – (since 1960) invite the following types of material in any language from prospective contributors: (1) critical articles—pertinent to Croatian history and culture—in the fields of literature, fine arts and music, sociology, history, economics, government and law, natural sciences, philology, philosophy and religion; (2) creative translations of standard Croatian short stories and poems; (3) reviews of recent books having a basic connection with Croatian matters; (4) unpublished documents of Croatian historical and cultural significance e.g. letters, diaries, and records — including documents for the Croatian Diaspora; (5) registers of documentation (published or unpublished) on particular questions of Croatian historical and cultural significance; (6) audiovisual material: photos, sound tracks, videos..(7) Entire books, in any language, on Croatian issues - the books should be in magnetic form (Word), having the due authorisation to publish.

On the Internet since 1996, the group of web sites belonging to Studia Croatica constitute one of the largest publishing endeavours of Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia. The sites hold over 25000 pages.

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