Wednesday 3 June 2020



We need your help!

Croatian Institute of History is located in the palace in Opaticka 10 (Zagreb, Croatia). This is a unique building, rich in history and values, among which one has to emphasize Golden Hall, Pompey Hall and Renaissance Studio. These representative facilities are used for the organization of scientific meetings and concerts of classical music.

Institute’s scholars perform comprehensive research and elaborate analyses regarding better understanding of Croatian history in regional and European context covering the periods from the early Middle Ages to contemporary history.

Following the earthquake which struck Zagreb on March 22, 2020, the palace of the Croatian Institute of History has been repeatedly damaged. It is a protected cultural property of the Republic of Croatia (Palace of Theology and Teaching, Z-192). Although the palace was not statically endangered, all the historical, representative and working spaces suffered numerous damages.

Unfortunately, a detailed damage assessment and cost estimation for the complete reconstruction of the building and art pieces have not yet been made due to the objective reasons, but we are actively working on it.

Rough estimation of the urgent reconstruction costs of the roof and the damaged working spaces unfortunately exceeds the financial capabilities of the Institute. These repairing are crucial so that the Palace and the staff of the Institute can endure the winter and safely wait for a thorough reconstruction. The roughly estimated amount of the necessary repairs (closure of the roof and the repairs of the ceilings for 5 damaged work spaces) is 220,000 HRK/ 28 981,36 EURO.

So please help us!

Each contribution is valuable to us. We invite all companies and institutions, friends, admirers of history, historical science and arts and everyone who is willing to help us to financially support our action so that the reconstruction of the building could be completed as soon as possible and to help us provide adequate and safe working spaces to our scientific research staff. Most of all, help us preserve the priceless Croatian cultural heritage of the 19th/20th century painting and architecture.

If you want to contribute to the reconstruction of the Croatian Institute of History, please contact us on working days: 

on the phone: + 385-1-4851 721,
GSM: + 385-99-5293821
via e-mail:
for the assistance with donations and realization of the financial support.

For more details, feel free to check our website:

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