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20 - "The Author" - Croatia: Myth and Reality - C. Michael McAdams



C. Michael McAdams (b. May 8, 1947, California USA), is the Director of the University of San Francisco's campus in the California state capital of Sacramento. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army, he earned his B.A. at the University of the Pacific in California, his M.A. in Croatian History and Certificate in Soviet and East European Studies at John Carroll University in Ohio. Following advanced study of Comparative Politics and Ideologies as a Carthage Foundation Scholar at the University of Colorado, and studies in Croatian ethnicity at California State University, San Jose, as a Sourisseau Academy scholar, he joined the University of San Francisco where he completed course work for the Doctorate in Education.

He has published seven monographs, six chapters and one hundred and twenty- five articles in the areas of Croatian and South Slavic studies. In addition to some one hundred lectures, symposia and keynote addresses in Europe, North America, and Australia, he wrote, directed and read a weekly radio program broadcast on North American and Australian stations for fifteen years. In 1993 and 1994 he lectured at the University of Zagreb and at the International Symposium on the Bleiburg Tragedy at Zagreb, Croatia and Bleiburg, Austria.

C. Michael McAdams died October 29th, 2010, in Sacramento, California.


Author's Preface to the Third Edition
Croatia and the Croatians
Myth: "Croatians asked to join Yugoslavia
Myth: "Croatian Assassinated King Alexander
Myth: "All Croatians were Fascists
Myth: "The Basket of Human Eyeballs"
Myth: "Two Million Serbs Died"
Myth: "Croatians Executed American Airmen"
Myth: "No Retribution Against Croatia"
Myth: "Borders were Drawn to Benefit Croatia"
Myth: "The Serbo-Croatian Language"
Myth: "Tudjman and Milosevic were Late Converts"
Myth: "Serbs had no Guaranteed Rights in Croatia"
Myth: "The Fascist Finders"
Myth: "The Croatian Coat of Arms is Fascist"
Myth: "The Fascist Ferret"
Myth: "Yugoslavia"
The Author

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