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CROWN - Croatian World Network - Featured Articles 16 VI 2009

NFCA 2009 Assembly of Delegates formalize new agenda
The National Federation of Croatian Americans (NFCA) just completed its 16th Annual Assembly of Delegates this past weekend. The delegates came to Washington to discuss and formalize the NFCA's new agenda in this promising era of full NATO membership for the Republic of Croatia and a new political environment for Croatia and the Croatian American community.

Teddy Bear Hospital in Zagreb inviting children from 3-6 years of age, June 16 2009
Dear children and parents, if you have recently noticed that your favourite teddy bear, horsy or other toy is coughing, or his tummy hurts, bring him to the doctor on Tuesday June 16th, 9 a.m. at Flower Square, Zagreb! The project is aimed for children 3-6 years of age, to teach healthy children not to be afraid of a physician: doctors and healing are presented in a way comprehensive to children, through "healing" children's toys.

Four Croatian female alpinists conquered Mt Everest in May 2009
Four Croatian female alpinists climbed on Mt Everest, among them two sisters Darija and Iris Bostjančić on the photo. It was for the first time that two sisters climbed on the top of Himalayas. This success was a result of team work in which 11 Croatian female alpinists participated. The expedition was organized by Croatian Mountaineering Association on the occasion of 135 years of its existence, founded in 1874, one of the oldest such organizations in the world.

Mime Cuvalo Croatian expert for Google/U-Tube and benefactor
Mime Čuvalo is not only successful Croatian computer science expert in the USA, employed at prestigeous Google/U-Tube in California, but also an active member of the Franciscan community. In the course of last 3 years this young man donated nearly $35,000 for his Croatian homeland, mostly for the needs of children. On the photo Mime with a Bosnian child that he adopted.

Trideset godina od prvog rijeckog rock LP albuma Vrijeme i Zemlja I iz 1979

Vatru riječke glazbene scene zapalio je prvi riječki rock LP album 1979, kad se o albumima moglo samo sanjati. Četvorica mladića iz Rijeke, Nenad, Davor, Marinko i Joško ostvarili su ono što nitko do tada nije. LP Vrijeme i Zemlja Ipostala je rasadnikom novih glazbenih ideja. Nenad Bach i svi članovi grupe Vrijeme i Zemlja biti će na Press Party 19. lipnja 2009. u Rijeci. Davor Tolja i Nenad Bach su lijevo na slici iz 1979.

Drazen Domjanic and his wonderful musical family in Liechtenstein
Dražen Domjanić is Croatian pianist born in the town of Čakovec, living with his family in Liechtenstein. He is artistic director of Musik & Jugend (Music and Youth Foundation) which organized many master classes and concerts aiming to help young musicians from Central Europe, with emphasis on Croatia. His children Sara and Andreas are also musicians, playing violin and piano.

CroatianDating.com connects single Croatians from around the world
CroatianDating.com is a Croatian owned and operated website. The founders realized that although some Croatian singles do not (or no longer) attend Croatian functions and events, many are interested in finding a soul mate of their own heritage. As a result, the site was launched in response to increasing demand for Internet based personals for single adult Croatians world wide.

Ivan Mestrovic's Mother Teaching Child to Pray sold at Sotheby's auction
Lauded by Rodin as 'the greatest phenomenon amongst the sculptors', Ivan Meštrović began his career exhibiting with the Vienna Secession at the turn of the 19th to 20th centuries. His fame led to important exhibitions across Europe, and in 1915 he made history as the first living artist to have a solo exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

"Downloading Nancy" screenings in New York and Los Angeles on June 5, 2009
Igor Kovacevich (left) graduated in 1992 from the University of Sarajevo with a B.F.A. - Diploma in Film, Theatre and Comparative Literature. He also worked as an intern on "Time of the Gypsies" by Emir Kusturica (a two-time winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival). In December 2007, Kovacevich completed production of the psychological thriller "Downloading Nancy".

Project of Croatian house in Tokamachi Japan
In the Japanese city of Tokamachi and with the presence of eminent Croatian architects Vinko Penezić and Kresimir Rogina, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Japan Dr. Drago Štambuk and the Mayor of Tokamachi Yoshifumi Sekiguchi confirmed the decision of the City Council regarding the construction of Croatian House that would represent the focal point of Croatia-Japan friendship in Japan.

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