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CROWN - Croatian World Network - Featured Articles 13 VII 2009

Featured Articles
International Trust for Croatian Monuments in London
The International Trust for Croatian Monuments was founded in London in 1991 in response to damage and destruction of monuments of culture in Croatia caused by war. One of the the aims is to raise awareness of the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Croatia. The Trust has been founded by Lady Jadranka Beresford-Peirse, on the photo.

Weaving workshop bridges past and present
The idea of a loom and weaving is something that brings us back to the past, to our ancestors and folk tradition. But the weaving workshop was a means by which the grassroots organisation CODD (Civil Organisation for Development Dalj) from Slavonia/Croatia encourages a better future for their municipality.

A Matter of Taste wins award at Heart of England International Film Festival
A Matter of Taste (Stvar Ukusa) won the best short film award at the Heart of England International Film Festival. In the film, directed by Costa Ipsa, a middle-aged man, unsatisfied with his life, is about to commit a suicide from a roof top and the only thing standing in his way is a simple handyman.

Radojka Sverko - Croatian Diva
Radojka Šverko is one of the greatest female singers Croatia ever had. She had concerts in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Seul, Athens, Puerto Rico, Caracas, Los Angeles, New York and Kopenhagen among others. Listen to her extraordinary interpretations of Croatian songs, and evergreens like The Shadow of Your Smile, Amazing Grace, The Automn Leaves, Bridge Over Troubled Water and many others.

James B. Foley is new U.S. Ambassador to Croatia
US President Barack Obama will nominate James B. Foley (left) as new US ambassador to Croatia. Foley's nomination must be approved by the US Senate. Foley, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, will succeed Robert Bradtke, who is leaving in July. Bradtke has been ambassador since 2006.

Julienne Eden Busic: Your Blood and Mine, waiting for Zvonko for 32 years
Julienne Eden Bušić's speech at the book promotion, "Your Blood and Mine", held in an overcrowded hall of the Mimara Palace in Zagreb, May 21, 2009, in the presence of her husband Zvonko, both on the photo from 1970s. They met each other again in 2008 after 32 years of separation.

What recession? Business is booming for a Croatian sawmill
The village of Čovac is loacted near the City of Nova Gradiška. It has a sawmill and a fuel wood depository owned by Mirko Agatić (left). Today, when everybody talks about recession in business, Mirko doesn't feel the crisis, because all of his production is guaranteed, and 90% of it goes to foreign markets.

Klapa Cambi singers from Kastel Kambelovac Croatia winning in St Petersburg
Klapa Cambi singers from the town of Kaštel Kambelovac in Croatia won the prestigeous competition Grand Prix of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg in Russia with the maximal 100 points from the jury. According to Ljubo Stipišić, one of the principal proponents of klapa singing, there are about 400 klapa's in Croatia.

X Sports is coming to Croatia this summer
Tom Novak (left) is proprietor of New York based X Sports, an agency that represents athletes. X Sports will be coming to Croatia this summer to explore possibilities of improving stadium infrastructure with professional sports teams and sports organizations.

Children Festival of Klapa Singing in Zadar May 2009
Klapa singing in Croatia is a unique phenomenon of European culture. The phenomenon has been enriched in the past few years by existence of children's klapas. The City Library in Zadar, Croatia, organizes the annual Children Festival of Klapa Singing since 2006. Each year it is becoming more and more popular and widespread. One of the principal proponents of klapa singing in Croatia is Ljubo Stipišić Delmata.

Low Impact Living Workshop in Croatia presented by Simon Dale July 3-12, 2009
Simon Dale, the creator of a woodland home in Wales, will be presenting a seminar on low impact living in Croatia from July 3-12 in the village of Blatuša. This seminar will be sponsored by EkoSense, an organization that promotes a cultu

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