Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sister Mary Jerome - in memoriam

Sister Mary Jerome - in memoriam

Just a note in passing concerning a personality who served in one of those locations in North America with Croatian roots that everyone forgets about. One of the most precious women in my life has been gone from me now a few days. For several decades she has sometimes been closer to me than any other woman could ever think of being. Through her step-mother she was somehow related to me. I had the privilege to serve her on behalf of Father Kelly when she was merely a young woman in her eighties. She held together a Christian community whose roots trace back to the first century Christian faith in what was a once capital of the Roman Empire and later a city of the Kingdom of Slavonia at Srijemska Mitrovica and Ruma up the slopes. For those of you who think that somehow my life has been complicated and convoluted, Sister Mary Jerome was certainly one of those complications and convolutions. My life was richer for her presence in it. May her memory be a blessing to everyone. 

Born Elizabeth Theresia, Sister Mary Jerome left me Tuesday 17 November 2015. I could not compete with Jesus for her. She was 102 years old and a member of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ for 85 years. Msgr. Jurek presided at her burial at the convent in Ruma, Illinois. Placem ja.

David Byler

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