Friday 18 May 2012

Croatian studies program at the University of Toronto

AMCA Toronto is about to sign an agreement with University of Toronto which will establish a true Croatian studies program at the University. Three new courses, 'Advanced Croatian language', 'Historical Review of Croatian Literature' and 'Croatian Culture in Historical perspective'. have been proposed and will be taught by professors from the University of Zagreb during the next academic year.
We are fulfilling a dream that started in 1988, when the Croatian community in Toronto in a single night raised almost a million dollars to establish a chair of Croatian language at the University of Toronto.  Unfortunately, this was never realized and the money went instead to the University of Waterloo. This latest project has been made possible through the generous support of the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia, AMCA Toronto special fund and the Foundation Adris of Croatia. 
The Croatian community of the greater Toronto area is one of the largest concentrations of Croats outside of Croatia.  Preserving our cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations is our duty. Our sons and daughters studying at the University of Toronto will now benefit from a first class academic program through which they will have a chance to learn about their cultural heritage. We are hoping, with support from the University of Zagreb, to create the best Croatian studies program in North America.
Dear AMCA friends and members, without your continuos support this would have not been possible.
Best regards,
Nikola Demarin

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