Wednesday 12 August 2009

CROWN - Croatian World Network - Featured Articles 13 VIII 2009

Martina Filjak clinches victory in Cleveland International Piano Competition
Two weeks of intense musical rivalry came to an end last Saturday when jurors in the 2009 Cleveland International Piano Competition crowned Martina Filjak, 30, of Croatia (left), winner of the 18th biennial contest.

Željka Čorak - Warps of abidance in small things
There is something amazing in Željka Čorak's need to handle the most relevant issues in Croatia at one point, and then, almost in the same sentence, to write about barely visible objects from her environment, things that help her work on the most important theme of her opus – the art of remembering.

Nenad Bach guest artist in Kansas City Concert for World Peace Aug 29 2009
UMKC student/alumni will perform in a Concert for World Peace, Saturday, August 29, 2009, 7:30pm, Rose Theatre, Rockhurst High School, 9301 State Line Ave., Kansas City, MO 64114. The Conservatory students and alumni will perform with guest artist Nenad Bach. Nenad Bach is a recording artist, composer, performer, and peace activist. He is originally from Croatia, but now lives in New York.
U2 conquered Zagreb Croatia
Unprecedented and original spectacle in Maksimir stadium was thrown by Bono Vox and his good Irish lads of U2. Over 60,000 people sang along with the band for over two hours. Oh beautiful, oh precious, oh sweet liberty - Bono Vox quoted 17th century Croatian author Ivan Gundulić as per Nenad Bach's suggestion, to the delight of the sold-out stadium.

Ivan Vucetic dactiloscopy exhibition in Milan Italy in July 2009
An important exhibition dedicated to Ivan Juan Vučetić, founder of scientific dactiloscopy - identification by fingerprints, has been organized in Milan from July 8-20 2009, in the representative building of Palazzo Triennale It was conceived by Ljerka Galic from the Croatian Hertage Foundation in Zagreb, who opened the exhibition in the presence of Consul General of Argentina, Consul General of Croatia, representatives of Italian State Police and other guests.

Fjaka - Between Times
If we were to attribute all our moods to the seasons, the fjaka, as a specific state of mind and body, could be said to be a conspicuous product of the summer, the result of its sweltering heat, and a general dissolution of body and spirit in the baleful high temperatures of the day, when we just don’t feel like doing anything.

Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat Croatia Aug 28 - Sep 22 2009
CROWN invites you to attend the Third Epiduarus Festival in Cavtat, from August 28 to September 22 2009. The Festival has been founded and is directed by infatiguable Croatian pianist Ivana Marija Vidović, on the photo. Cavtat is a lovely town south of Dubrovnik, on Croatian coast. Among principal guests of the Festival this year will be a famous Croatian guitarist Ana Vidović.

Croatia is the new Men's Youth Handball World Champion
After an one-sided final and a rather charming closing ceremony, the III Men's Youth World Championship in Tunisia came to an end on Friday. Croatia now is the 2009 Men's Youth World Champion, after beating Iceland in the final with 40:35.

Feri Sucic 91 years old Croatian musician and writer from Gradisce, Austria
Feri Sučić was born in 1918 within a Croatian branch in Austria, in the region of Gradišće - Burgenland. He composed or arranged 300 songs, and many of them are circulating as traditional songs. He is also known as prolific writer. An extensive monograph dedicated to his life and work has been issued last year on the occasion of 90th birthday.

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