Saturday 29 September 2007

Unacceptable Veredict


European Parliamentarians Also Upset About Verdict

PM Sanader has informed the German chancellor Angela Merkel about the unacceptable verdict of the Hague court in the "Vukovar Three" case.

Joseph Stedul - Hina M.P.

The Croatian premier Ivo Sanader, during his participation at the convention of the German CSU in Munich, informed the German chancellor Angela Merkel that the verdict of the Hague court in the "Vukovar Three" case is unacceptable, it says in the report of the Cabinet on Friday night.

The premier informed the president of the Bavarian Cabinet, Edmund Stoiber, the Austrian vice-chancellor Wilhelm Molter, and talked with some other European premiers, it says in the report.

At the CSU convention, Ivo Sanader used the opportunity to hand outthe letter he sent to the chief secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, to the members of the European Parliament present, and familiarise them with the contents.

According to the Cabinet's report, during conversations, the European parliamentarians voiced their disapproval of the verdict which, obviously, did not punish the horrifying crime. On Thursday, the board of the Hague court convicted the former commander of the JNA (Yugoslav People's Army), Mile Mrksic, to 20 years in prison, mayor Veselin Sljivancanin to five years in prison, whilst captain Miroslav Radic was freed of charges. All three of the former JNA members were accused for the massive slaughter.

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