Friday 13 December 2019

Two New Books, December 2019/Dvije nove knjige, prosinac 2019.- Two New Books, December 2019/Dvije nove knjige, prosinac 2019.

CroLibertas Publishing, Chicago, Illinois
Two New Books, December 2019/Dvije nove knjige, prosinac 2019.

Title: For Baka's Homeland Author: Michael Palaich Published by: CroLibertas Publishers, Chicago, 2019. Language: English. ISBN: 978-09998227-5-3 Size: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches; 286 pages, paperback.
Description: For Baka's Homeland is a compelling eyewitness account of a third-generation Croatian-American who was first recruited into the Croatian Liberation Movement at the age of twenty-five. The author's personal story details how the love for his Grandmother (Baka) led to his love for her people, her culture and ultimately to a desire to assist her homeland in realizing its centuries-old quest to achieve independence. The author openly shares his personal journey from the sometimes-violent streets of Detroit to the war-torn streets of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. After traveling across four continents, he produced a documentary on post-WWII Yugoslav war crimes titled Bleiburg Tragedy and contributed to the production of several other documentaries on Yugoslav war crimes. He created his own news agency and became a Registered Foreign Agent for the Republic of Croatia during the country's War of Independence. Palaich was ultimately indicted by the US government for arms smuggling. After more than two decades, Palaich finally reveals the full story, the historical people he met along the way and the unbelievable reason he is a free man today.

Title: Tito's Concentration Camp on Goli Island – On the Treshing Floor of Evil. Author: Marijan Baldo Zlovečera. Published by: CroLibertas Publishers, Chicago, 2019. Language: English. ISBN: 978-0-9998227-7-7 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches or 13.5 x 21.5 cm; 268 pages, paperback.
Excerpt: “At nightfall, the prisoners would wearily return to the Žica, only to be forced to attend the interminable 'corrective meetings.' The meetings were held in the center of the camp located on a small elevation. It was there that those who supposedly had been dissuaded from their “prejudices” would attempt to demonstrate that they had been genuinely rehabilitated, and that they were convinced that Comrade Tito and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia were in the right and that they had been misled into error by the Russians... Once the penitent would have expressed his regret sufficiently, and once the mob had been satisfied, it would begin to chant fanatically: 'Tito! The Party! Tito! The Party!' They would continue to chant so fervently until they were taken into a hypnotic state almost to the point of lunacy.”

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