Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Invitación a Hanibal Salvaro

Hanibal Salvaro

             We are pleased to address you in order to invite you to participate in the 11th SYMPOSIUM ON CERAMICS in recognition of the history of ceramic artist Héctor Alves. The Symposium will be held from 2 to 07 May, 2016 in our Institute, Av. Mitre 2724, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
During the week, every one of the twenty participating potters are invited to build a ceramic work in front of students, teachers, colleagues and interested public, it is an event open to the public. Finished works will become part of the Institute's Collection of Contemporary Ceramics.
This project aims to provide a platform of exchange and technological research on the different aesthetic proposals that may be generated in the field of ceramics. It makes it possible to appreciate the way in which each artist builds his own work, to meet different criteria in framing a picture and to multiply human bonds across communities. Talks, lectures, discussions, audio-visual presentations on the work of different potters and work experiences, will be conducted simultaneously.
The travel and accommodation expenses are at your expense. Participation will be officially certificated.
We hope you accept our invitation and look forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely,

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