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Congress of American Slavists


The ACS is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of scholarly studies related to
Croatia and the Croatians. The ACS was founded in 1977 and it is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.

Officers: Ante Cuvalo—President; Jasna Meyer—Vice-President; Ivan Runac—Secretary; Aida Vidan—Treasurer;

Bulletin Editor: Nancy Crenshaw

If interested in
Croatia and Croatian studies, please join the ACS!

PHILADELPHIA - November 20-23, 2008

The 40th National Conventions of the ASEES (AAASS) will be held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown located at

Hotel Information: The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown still has room availability. You can book your room through the link on the ASEES web site, or by calling 1-800-654-3990. The ASEES special group rate for convention participants is $160 per night for a single or double room. If you reserve your room on the phone, you need to say you are with Slavic Studies to obtain the discounted rate.

Convention Registration: Pre-registration closes on October 10, 2008. All those who have not pre-registered will need to register on site and pay higher, on-site registration fees. You may register online through the Members Only/Registered Users site ( Questions about the program and the National Convention should be addressed to: Wendy Walker, Convention Coordinator, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, 8 Story Street, Cambridge, MA 02138; Phone: 617-495-0678; e-mail:


PLEASE NOTE CHANGE: In the Convention Program, the ACS annual meeting was scheduled for
on Saturday morning. This time is not suitable for meetings! Therefore, we have decided to hold the ACS annual meeting on Saturday, November 22, at We will gather at the hotel registration desk and from there we will proceed to the closest available room in the hotel. Please invite your friends, guests, and anyone who is interested in Croatian studies. After the meeting, we will go to the Bellini Grill. See you at the meeting and don’t forget this is election year for ACS officers.


The traditional Croatian Dinner at this year’s Convention in
Philadelphia will take place on Saturday, November 22, at at the BELLINI GRILL,

The following panels deal with Croatia and the Croatians. For the Convention program check

Thursday, November 20th
Session 1:

Administration and Governance in the South Slav Lands from Empire to Monarchy, and International Supervision – Franklin Hall 13

Chair: Marina Antic, U of Wisconsin-Madison

Papers: Anthony David Glocke, U of Maryland, “The Ottoman Legacy and the Habsburg Administrative Structure in Bosnia-Herzegovina;” Connie D. Robinson, Central Washington U, “Lessons Learned: Setting Up a Working Political Structure in the First Yugoslavia;” Daniel Michael Rhea, U of Maryland, “The Legacy of the Office of High Representative in Bosnia: Buttress or Barrier to Successful Governance?”

Disc.: Philip Wilson Lyon, U of Maryland
Contrasting Views of the Yugoslav Wars of Succession: Past and Present Assumptions and Beliefs (Roundtable) – Grand Ballroom Salon A

Chair: Zachary Irwin, Penn State Erie
Part.: Francine Friedman, Ball State U; Robert M. Hayden, U of Pittsburgh; David B. Kanin, CIA; Matjaz Klemencic, U of Maribor (Slovenia)
New Realisms and New Waves in Slavic and Eurasian Cinemas, 1945-1968 (Roundtable) – Meeting Room 303

Chair: Izabela Kalinowska-Blackwood, SUNY, Stony Brook U

Part.: Marko Dumancic, UNC at Chapel Hill; Herbert J. Eagle, U of Michigan; Catherine E. Portuges, U of Massachusetts, Amherst; Malynne M. Sternstein, U of Chicago
Information Technology and Political Processes in Southeastern Europe (Roundtable) – Meeting Room 305

Chair: Marijana Grbesa, U of Zagreb (Croatia)

Part.: Domagoj Bebic, U of Zagreb (Croatia); Hassid Laurent, U of Paris (France); Slobodan Pesic, WiseFutures, American Public U; Muhamed Sacribey, Permanent Representative to the UN from Bosnia and Herzegovina; Jani Sever, Editor-in-Chief, (Slovenia)
Thursday, November 20th
Session 2:

Scholars in the Courtroom: Expert Testimony in Trials before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Roundtable) – Franklin Hall 3

Chair: Robert M. Hayden, U of Pittsburgh

Part.: Andrew Roy Corin, Defense Language Inst.; Robert J. Donia, U of Michigan; Paul Snedden Shoup, U of Virginia; Richard A. Wilson, U of Connecticut
The Birth of the “Moderne” in Croatia: Art, Music, and Literature – Meeting Room 302

Chair: Marijan Despalatovic, Connecticut College

Papers: Rachel Kathryn Rossner, U of Chicago, “Building the Foundations for Modern Croatian Art: The Strossmayer Gallery in Zagreb;” Stanislav Tuksar, Academy of Music, U of Zagreb Croatia), “The Issue of Modernism in Croatian Music Around 1900;” Sarah Anne Kent, U of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, “Jagoda Truhelka’s ‘Plein Air’”

Disc.: William A. Everett, U of Missouri-Kansas City
Imagining a Better Past: Commemorations and Contested Histories in Twentieth-Century Croatia (Roundtable) – Meeting Room 414

Sponsor: Association for Croatian Studies

Chair: Vjeran Ivan Pavlakovic, NCEEER

Part.: Mario Jareb, Croatian Inst. of History (Croatia); John Peter Kraljic, Garfunkel, Wild Travis, PC; Philip Wilson Lyon, U of Maryland; Robert Skenderovic, Croatian Inst. of History (Croatia)
Friday, November 21st
Session 3:

Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Crisis of 1908 – Its Meanings and Parallels a Century Later – Franklin Hall 3

Chair: Ante Cuvalo, Joliet Junior College

Papers: Anne Louise Antonoff, U of Pennsylvania, “Balkan Crises, Then and Now: Bosnia, Macedonia, and the Great Powers, 1908-2008;” Dubravko Lovrenovic, U of Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), “The Bogumil Myth and Austro-Hungarian Occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina;” Ludwig Steindorff, U of Kiel (Germany), “Three Communities—One Society? Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century”

Disc.: Elinor Murray Despalatovic, Connecticut College
General Memories of Socialism in the Former Yugoslavia l – Grand Ballroom Salon E

Sponsor: Society for Slovene Studies

Chair: Oto Luthar, Scientific Research Ctr. (Slovenia)

Papers: Ana Hofman, Scientific Research Ctr. of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences & Arts (Slovenia), “How We Were Singing on the Road: Rural Women’s Memories on Socialism;” Tanja Petrovic, Scientific Research Ctr. of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences & Arts (Slovenia), “Becoming Real Men in Socialist Yugoslavia: Photographic Representations of the Yugoslav People’s Army Soldiers and Their Memories of the Army Service;” Nina Vodopivec, Inst. for Contemporary History (Slovenia), “Nimble Fingers or Tired Bodies: Memories of Textile Working Women of Socialism in Slovenia”

Disc.: Dean Vuletic, Columbia U
The Croatian God Mars: Ars Poetica in Tempore Belli – Meeting Room 412

Chair: Zdenka Gredel-Manuele, Niagara U

Papers: Gordan Matas, University of Split, Croatia. “War and Peace in Recent Croatian Poetry.”
Borislav Arapovic, Inst. for Bible Translation (
), “A Voice of Peace in Time of War (1778);”Marijan Despalatovic, Connecticut College, “The Dialectical Antibarbarus: The Folly of Reason”

Disc.: Aida Vidan-Gallagher, Harvard U
Friday, November 21s
Session 5: p.m.t

Suffering, Hopes and Illusions: Croats and the First World War – Franklin Hall 13

Chair: Michael Eoghan Allen, George Mason U

Papers: Mario Jareb, Croatian Inst. of History (Croatia), “From the Piave River to Japan: Croatian Military Participation in the First World War;” Jure Kristo, Croatian Inst. of History (Croatia), “The May Declaration: The Role of the Catholic Circles in the Creation of the First South-Slavic State;” Stjepan Matkovic, Croatian Inst. of History (Croatia), “Members of the Party of Rights and the Idea of the Croat State During the First World War”

Disc.: John Paul Newman, U of Southampton (UK)
Confronting Identity: Yugoslavia Then and Now – Grand Ballroom Salon B

Chair: Vjeran Ivan Pavlakovic, NCEEER

Papers: Robert Edward Niebuhr, Boston College, “Yugoslavia’s Twilight and Transition;” Matthew Longo, Yale U, “The Dayton Dozen: Partition, Nationalism and Citizenship in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1995-2007;” Nina Ball-Pesut, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Literature and Identity in Post-1991 Yugoslavia”

Disc.: Peter Joseph Verovsek, Yale U
Politics and Religion in Central Europe Since 1990 (B) – Meeting Room 301

Chair: Sabrina Petra Ramet, Norwegian U of Science & Technology (Norway)

Papers: Frank Cibulka, Zayet U (United Arab Emirates), “Religion, State and Society in Slovakia;” Gerd Inger Ringdal, Norwegian U of Science & Technology (Norway) and Kristen Ringdal, Norwegian U of Science & Technology (Norway), “Does Religiosity Protect Against War-related Distress? Evidence from Bosnia-Herzegovina;” Marjan Smrke, U of Ljubljana (Slovenia), “Controversies About Religion in Slovenia

Disc.: Thomas Allan Emmert, Gustavus Adolphus College; Lavinia Stan, Concordia U (Canada)
Rocking the Bloc: Rock Music and Youth Identities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Part 3 – Meeting Room 305

Chair: Kate
Transchel, California State U, Chico

Papers: David Gerard Tompkins, Carleton College, “Socialist Realist Pop: Early Cold War Attempts to Create a Socialist Popular Music in Poland and the GDR;” Gleb Tsipursky, UNC at Chapel Hill, “Coercion and Consumption: The Soviet Campaign Against Westernized Youth in the Khrushchev Era;” Dean Vuletic, Columbia U, “Rocking Between East and West: Yugoslav Communism and the Dilemmas of Rock and Roll

Jonathyne Briggs, Indiana U, Northwest

Saturday, November 22nd

Urban and Rural Women in Croatia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries – Franklin Hall 4

Chair: Ellen Elias-Bursac, Independent Scholar

Papers: Iskra Iveljic, U of
Zagreb (Croatia), “Urban Women in Nineteenth-Century Croatia;” Elinor Murray Despalatovic, Connecticut College, “Rural Women in Late Nineteenth-Century Croatia,” Suzana Lacek, U of Zagreb (Croatia), “The Political Participation of Croatian Women in the Croatian Peasant Party”

Disc.: Sarah Anne Kent, U of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Saturday, November 22nd
Session 10:

Yugoslavia's Expulsion from the Cominform Sixty Years Later – Franklin Hall 3

Chair: Nikolaos A. Stavrou, Howard U

Papers: Robin Remington, Peace Haven Intl., “
Yugoslavia's Expulsion from the Cominform and the Origins of Titoism: The Case of Nonalignment;” Ellen T. Comisson, UC San Diego, “Tito, Stalin, and the Origins of the Cold War;” Mark Nathan Kramer, Harvard U, “The Expulsion of Yugoslavia and Stalin's Efforts to Reassert Control”

Disc.: Zachary Irwin,
Penn State Erie; Frank Cibulka, Zayed U (United Arab Emirates)
Gendering the Conduct, Experience and Memory of the First World War in Yugoslavia – Meeting Room 306
Chair: Katherine R. Jolluck, Stanford U

Papers: John Paul Newman, U of Southampton (UK), “The Croatian God Mars: The Impact of the Great War on Croatian Men 1918-1929;” Jovana Lazic Knezevic, Stanford U, Yale U, “Women Under Occupation: World War I and Its Aftermath in Yugoslavia;” Melissa Katherine Bokovoy, U of New Mexico, “Writing and Thinking About WWI Through the Balkans: Reconsidering WWI Historiography and Eastern Europe”

Disc.: Alon Rachamimov, Tel Aviv U (
Sunday, November 23rd
Session 11:

Defending a Cultural Heritage: The Work of the Bilingual Journal, “Duh Bosne/Spirit of Bosnia” – Meeting Room 305

Chair: Keith Doubt,
Wittenberg U

Papers: Omer Hadziselimovic, Loyola U, “Two Languages, One Message: The Billingualism of Duh Bosne;”
Snjezana Buzov, Ohio State U, “Reading and Listening to Bosnia

Disc.: Robert J. Donia, U of

Memories of Tito's Gulag: Goli Otok (1948-2008) – Meeting Room 408

Chair: Zoran Milutinovic, U College
London (UK)

Papers: Tomislav Zoran Longinovic, U of Wisconsin-Madison, “Naked Life: Danilo Kis' Video on Goli Otok Testimonies;” Radmila Gorup,
Columbia U, “Goli Otok as Trauma;” Mileta Prodanovic, U of Belgrade (Serbia), “From a Political to an Artistic Camp”

Disc.: Tatjana Aleksic, U of


The 41st National Convention of the AAASS will be held at the
Marriott Copley Place
in Boston, Massachusetts November 12th – 15th, 2009. Wendy Walker is the Convention Coordinator and questions may be directed to her by phone: 617-495-0678; fax: 617-493-0690, or e-mail:

Two Ways
;” John K. Cox, North Dakota State U, “Translation as Exploration: New Paths into Bosnian History”
220 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
; 215-545-1191; It is walking distance from the Convention hotel. We have to inform the management a week before the above date about the number of people who will be in our group. Make sure you let Ante Cuvalo know on time if you are coming. We hope all of the ACS members and friends who are coming to the Convention will be able to join us for the evening. Our thanks to ACS friend Steve Rukavina (Vice President of the National Federation of Croatian Americans from Philadelphia) and Vedran Nazor (President of the Croatian Academy of America and ACS member from New York) for making the arrangements.
1201 Market Street
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Thursday, November 20, 2008 through Sunday, November 23, 2008.



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