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Josip Pupačić - Poetry in Croatian and English - JCS 20



Born in Slime near Omiš, Dalmatia, and lived in Zagreb. Died with his wife and daughter in an airplane accident. His books of poetry are:

KIŠE PJEVAJU NA JABLANIMA [The Rains Sing in the Poplars] 1955, MLADIČI [The Young Men] 1955, CVIJET IZVAN SEBE [The Flower Out of Itself] 1958, OPORUKA [The Testament] 1965, USTOLICENJE [Enthronement] 1965, MOJ KRIŽ SVEJEDNO GORI [Yet My Cross Still Burns] 1971, SABRANE PJESME [Collected Poems] 1978.

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Journal of Croatian Studies, XX, 1979, – Annual Review of the Croatian Academy of America, Inc. New York, N.Y., Electronic edition by Studia Croatica, by permission. All rights reserved by the Croatian Academy of America.
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