Friday, 30 September 2016

Dragutin Tadijanovic - Poetry in Croatian and English - JCS 20


Born 1905 – Died 2007

Born in Rastušje, a village near Slavonski Brod. Lives in Zagreb. His books of poetry are:

LIRIKA [Lyric poems] 1931, SUNCE NAD ORANICAMA [The Sun over the Flowing Fields] 1933, PEPEO SRCA [Ashes of the Heart] 1936, DANI DJETINJSTVA [The Days of Childhood] 1937, TUGA ZEMLJE [The Sorrow of the Earth] 1942, PJESME [Poems] 1951, INTIMNA IZLOŽBA CRTEŽA IZ RABA [Intimate Exposition of the Drawings from Rab] 1954, BLAGAN ŽETVE [The Harvest Holiday] 1956, SREBRNE SVIRALE [The Silver Flutes] 1960, PRSTEN [The Ring] 1963, 1965, POEZIJA [Poetry] 1975, SABRANE PJESME [Collected Poems] 1976, SAN [The Dream] 1976.

The poetry is in:

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Journal of Croatian Studies, XX, 1979, – Annual Review of the Croatian Academy of America, Inc. New York, N.Y., Electronic edition by Studia Croatica, by permission. All rights reserved by the Croatian Academy of America.
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