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Croatian World Games - General Rules

 Zagreb, 21 to 26 July, 2014.

Croatian World Games (CWG) being run under General Rules approved by the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Games.

1.      Entries
1.1.  All participants must be of Croatian origin and can only compete for the country in which they reside, or been a resident for the past three years from the date of entries.
1.2. All registrations are considered on an individual basis and are independent of nationality, language and membership in cultural or sports association .Registration can be submitted through the official website of the Games or through national committees in some countries. The OC of the Games has the exclusive authority over the selection process.
1.3. Filing a registration does not automatically entail the right to participate and, as such, any application may be rejected by the OC of the Croatian World Games.
1.4. Registration from the first registration period have priority if participation fee is paid within 30 days of confirmation by the OC. The second registration period opens only for events and places that have not yet been filled. After the expiration of the first registration period, the OC has the option to withdraw from the program disciplines where there is not enough interest.
1.5 Each participant is required to submit additional registration forms which will be sent by the OC at a later date.
1.6 Athletes under 18 are required to submit a parental permission form that must be signed by a parent or guardian and ratified by notary public.

2. Quotas and Qualifications
 2.1 In individual events each country has a limited number of participants. In the event of multiple registrations from the same country random drawing will decide.
 2.2. Each country typically represents only one team in team events. The OC encourage qualifying tournaments or matches where necessary and possible. In the case of a qualifying tournament being held in one country, the individual registration for the same discipline will not be possible.
 2.3. Qualifying tournaments or games will be duly announced on the official website of the Games and the media promoted by the National Committee.
2.4. In special cases the National Committee may allow two teams from the same country in the same discipline.
 2.5. The OC has the ability to put together a team of individual registrations for all team events. In the event of multiple teams (without qualification) or additional registered individuals, a random drawing will decide.
 2.6 Delegation of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are formed by special rules.

3. Fees
3.1.To participate in the Games you must pay a fee determined by the OC before the registration deadline.
Fee for CWGs in Zagreb is 250.00 Euros
The fee includes:
- Participation in the Games - participation in the opening and closing ceremonies - accommodation and meals (p/pansion) – playing equipment - an official program - free admission to all events - free admission to the entertainment program - free transport within the Games.
 3.2. In agreement with the OC, National Committees have the ability to independently acquire equipment for its delegation. In this case the fee will be appropriately reduced.
3.3. Registration fees for participants with their own accommodation arrangements will also be determined by the OC of the Games before application deadlines (granted only in exceptional cases).
3.4. In the event of cancellation, 85% of the fee is refundable until 15 May 2014. After the deadline the application fee is non-refundable.
3.5. All travel expenses outside the official Games transport system, such as a trip to Croatia or public transport, are participant responsibility.

4. Participants registration
 4.1. Registration begins on arrival at 10:00hrs and ends at 20:00hrs local time.
4.2. All participants must leave the sports village (accommodation) no later than 11:00hrs on departure day.

4.3. The OC independently or in arrangement with the National Committees, decides on the allocation of accommodation to the needs of the delegation (2-4 persons per bungalow).
4.4. All participants of the Games are obliged to attend the official program of the Games (notified discipline or duty, opening and closing ceremony and meetings within the team or delegation).

5. Athletes
 5.1. To be eligible, an athlete must be at least 16 years old on opening day of the Games. Participants in veteran disciplines must be at least 35 years.
5.2. Athletes can apply for only one discipline, but in multiple categories (for example swimming 50m backstroke and 100m freestyle, tennis singles and doubles).

The OC reserves the right to modify the general rules if necessary.

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