Saturday, 19 September 2009

CROWN - Croatian World Network - Featured Articles 21 IX 2009

Zvonimir Janko and Yakov Berkovich authors of important math monograph
Israeli mathematician Yakov Berkovitch and Croatian mathematician Zvonimir Janko have published a voluminous joint monograph "Groups of Prime Power Order", part II, comprising 520 pp. Professor Janko is known for the discovery of his famous sporadic groups J1, J2, J3, and J4. The discovery of J1 in 1964 has launched the quest for other sporadic groups. He is one of originators of the theory of p-groups.
Zeljko Brkanovic distinguished Croatian composer
Renwned German composer Erhard Karkoschka commented on the music written by Željko Brkanović on the left: "I have already encountered and learnd to appreciate his music at the concerts of the Zagreb Biennale... What I noticed in particular is a differentiated use of instruments, which makes his orchestral works very interesting due to sudden shifts. In the same manner the formal structure and logically controlled lines always make a convincing impression."

Public square or Pjaca, Plokata, somewhere even Poljana, is the central part of the city, a place dedicated to the most significant city and municipal public events and activities, a place where everything that belong to a city comes together. A square is actually a kind of a market for our natures.

White Croats in Ukraine and their archaeological site Stiljsko near the city of Lviv
Dr. Orest Korčinski, Ukrainean arhaeologist on the left, invastigates the site of Stiljsko on Carpathian mountains near Lviv in Ukraine, an important site of the White Croats from 8th to 10th centuries. We provide an article by Rev. Oleh Hirnyik, dealing with a little known early history of the Croats. The whole site, with environing settlements, had around 40,000 inhabitants in 9th century, more than Kiev at that time!

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