Thursday, 11 August 2016

Australian Croatian Congress - Complaint resulting from the ABC's Q&A program


ABC Audience & Consumer Affairs
GPO BOX 9994

August 9, 2016
Re: Complaint resulting from the ABC's Q&A program broadcast on 18 July 2016 Dear ABC Audience & Consumer Affairs,

We write on behalf of the Australian Croatian Congress (ACC), the peak representative body of the Croatian diaspora in Australia. The ACC is a member of the Croatian World Congress, the global representative group
representing the diaspora to the Croatian Parliament.

We wish to outline a series of alleged breaches of the ABC Code of Practice stemming from the abovementioned episode of Q&A.

Please excuse the detailed nature of this document. It is a complex issue that requires careful examination of issues dating back many years across several countries involving a variety of jurisdictions. It consists of some background, the alleged breaches of the ABC's Coder of Practice and a conclusion stating our wishes for resolution.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Asić                                                                Damir Čulić
President                                                                      Vice-President
Australian Croatian Congress                                      Australian Croatian Congress                                            

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