Wednesday, 17 August 2016

[1a. SOUTH AMERICA] Croatian Traces in the World - Branka Bezic Filipovic

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Joe Kar said...

Is anyone aware that Don Juan (Ivo) Jose' Casilari a signer of the Ecuadorian Declaration of Independence was Croatian? The Kazilar/Kazilari family, is well documented in Cavtat/Dubrovnik, Croatia, and a large group exists in Spain today. I have the family tree back to c. 1455,with evidence that they were an important family at least 100 years prior to that. Juan Jose' was born in the new world, but I have yet to link to his father, likely a ship's master, who appears to have ended in Ecuador as a large plantation owner. There are still many Casilari in Ecuador today, as well as other countries in South America.I will shareany information I have with anyone interested.
Joe Karcich ,Grandson of Anna Kazilari