Saturday, 28 March 2009

CROWN - Croatian World Network - Featured Articles 28 III 2009

CROWN - Croatian World Network - Featured Articles
Earth Hour on Saturday March 28th 2009 8:30 pm local time

On March 28, at 8:30 pm local time, one billion people will go dark for Earth Hour. World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, and governments around the world to turn off their lights to make a global statement and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions. Mole se ljudi širom svijeta da 28. ožujka 2009. u 20.30 sati ugase svjetla i ujedine se u stvaranju bolje budućnosti

Stana Katic Croatian Movie Star in Canada

Stana Katić (b. 1980) is a Canadian film and television actress active in the United States. Stana Katic was born to Croatian parents. In addition to English, she speaks Italian, French, and Croatian. She has an alto mezzo-soprano singing voice.

Studia Croatica 1986 #101

Radovan Latkovic, then editor of Studia Croatica, analysed in 1986 the future of Yugoslavia from an historic perspective. In the 1986 issue, other articles deal with literature, with Pope Sixtus V, of Croatian origin, with brothers Mirko and Stevo Seljan, Croatians explorers in Africa and South America. And much more, 96 pages, in Spanish.

Miro Gavran's 200th staging and new premier in Poland March 27 2009

Croatian playwright Miro Gavran has been a frequent guest in Poland lately, where his plays saw ten theater premiers, and where he had two books of dramas and comedies published. Within the World Theater Day (March 27), the famous Teatr Ludowy in Krakow will stage the 200th performance of this comedy "My Wife's Husband", translated by Anna Tuszynska.

Journal of Croatian Studies - Volume I - 1960

On its first issue, the Journal, which is approaching its 50th anniversary, presented itself with the text "To Our Readers". There, the editors state that the Croatian Academy of America, established in 1953, had planned to publish a learned journal of Croatian cultural, historical, political and economic developments.

Brian Gallagher interviewed Croatian American filmmaker Jack Baric

Exclusive interview with American Croatian filmmaker Jack Baric, the director of the new film, 'Searching for a Storm', published by Croatian Herald (Australia) 13 March 2009. New documentary about 'Operation Storm' which liberated the occupied parts of Croatia in 1995, and saved the city of Bihać in BiH from tragedy. Interviewer: Brian Gallagher, London; Jack Baric on the photo.

CROWN BUSINESS: VRELO juices of health, love and beauty, Osijek Croatia

PRIRODNO VRELO (Natural Source) is a company from the city of Osijek offering juices which are 100% natural, made with cold pressure of fresh fruit and vegetables without concentration, sweetening and addition of water, preservatives, colors and flavour. The company would like to find distributors for these products in Europe, USA, Asia,...

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