Thursday, 19 March 2009

Answer to German politician Elmar Brock

How sad that every time when we have positive approach and international respond in our favour, there is new "wise man" to tell us what to do and if we do not obey, Croatia will be punished. What a pity this comes from a German person, as Croatians always considered most of Germans as our friends. Well, Mr Brock, your time is running out. CROATIA is not testing bunny, cannot and will not be threatened by You or anybody else and will not give up its' territory to satisfy appetite of greedy individuals or neighbouring nations.
The international law is on Croatian side, most of Europeans are on our side.
As far as the future of European Union is concerned and if the leaders of EU do not start to apply equal law for all, EU will fall into pieces as Yugoslavia did. Bulgaria and Rumania were accepted recently. Today, London streets are full of Rumanian and Bulgarian beggars and gipsies. There are problems with Hungarians in Rumania. Belgium is to be divided into three, etc, etc.
Mr Brock, why don't You suggest to give big chunk of German territory to Poland? Or to Austria and Italy? Conservative Party in England is not happy with Brussels. There are more euro sceptics in England than ever before. The same goes for Irish, Polish, Hungarians etc. So Mr Brock, if CROATIA is treated with your kind of blackmail, the whole unity of EU might be in question. Watch your steps Mr Brock before You loose your European job.
Michael Pack - UK
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