Thursday, 10 January 2019

Croatian Science Foundation - Open calls

Open calls

Cooperation Programme with Croatian Scientists in Diaspora ´RESEARCH COOPERABILITY´

The Croatian Science Foundation (hereinafter: CSF) is publishing the Call for Proposals for the “Research Cooperability Programme“, Programme for Cooperation with Croatian Scientists in Diaspora (futher below: Research Cooperability Programme), whereby the cooperation between scientists from Croatia and scientists of Croatian origin (Croatian citizenship or nationality) living and working abroad will enable the transfer of knowledge, attract investments primarily to the science and technology system of the Republic of Croatia and indirectly to the business sector. The cooperation between scientists from Croatia and scientists from diaspora (with Croatian citizenship or nationality) enhances their networking, while putting a special focus on the development of young scientists´ careers as well as of their competences for participating in calls for applications to European and international organizations.

The Research Cooperability Programme will support research projects which should be implemented by 31 May 2023 at the latest, as well as the employment of at least two young researchers per project, of which at least one is a PhD student, while others can be PhD or postdoctoral students in the early stages of their career development. A PhD student should be employed no later than 9 months after the start of the project. At least 38 researchers in early stage of career development will be employed through the Research Cooperability Programme.
Applications are submitted through the EPP system only, available on the CSF’s website. All documentation related to the application has to be uploaded to the EPP system in English and Croatian language on forms provided by the CSF.

PZS-2019_Natječaj za prijavu projektnih prijedloga
PZS-2019_Call for Proposals

PZS-2019_Upute za podnositelje projektnih prijedloga
PZS-2019_Guide for Applicants

PZS-2019_Administrativni obrazac 
PZS-2019_Administrative form

PZS-2019_Obrazac za prijavu
PZS-2019_Application Form

PZS-2019_Obrazac za životopis_Voditelj projekta
PZS-2019_CV Form_Applicant

PZS-2019_CV Form_Co-leader

PZS-2019_Financijski plan
PZS-2019_Financial plan

PZS-2019_Radni plan
PZS-2019_Work plan

PZS-2019_Pismo obveze organizacije podnositelja
PZS-2019_Letter of commitment_Applicant organization

PZS-2019_Letter of commitment_Co-leader organization

PZS-2019_Pismo obveze_Partner
PZS-2019_Letter of commitment_Partner

PZS-2019_Izjava Organizacije_podnositelj

PZS-2019_Izjava Organizacije_partner


Evaluation Criteria 
PZS-2019_Protokol za Administrativni pregled prijava
PZS-2019_Individual Evaluation Form (Peer Review)
PZS-2019_Obrazac-Panel_završno vrednovanje

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