Thursday, 22 March 2018

Toys at Heart - Heritage Foundation; Croatian School of Boston; Croatian Studies Foundation of Sydney


Project host: Croatian Heritage Foundation; Croatian School of Boston; Croatian Studies Foundation of Sydney
Project leader: Lada Kanajet Šimić
Event period: Contest - 1st of June 2018
                         Exhibition - December 2018


With the aim of preserving the Croatian national identity, acquiring new skills and knowledge among children of pre-school and school age, and the development of linguistic competence and learning about Croatian cultural and traditional heritage, the Croatian Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with the Croatian School of Boston and the Croatian Studies Foundation of Sydney, is organising a contest for children and youth of Croatian extraction aged from 5 to 18. 
The contest theme is toys inspired by Croatian traditional culture, with sub-themes and creative forms (methods) designated in each category. 


1. Art work (individual work and group work) 
2. Photography (individual work) 
3. Multimedia / video clip or film (individual work and group work) 
4. Writing piece (individual work)


Children and youth aged from 5 to 18 are eligible to participate in the contest as individuals or in groups (e.g. a school, a Croatian Catholic mission, a Croatian Catholic centre, a folklore ensemble, a society, an association and the like). 

Each individual or group may submit no more than one work per category. Works must be submitted at the latest by the 1st of June 2018 to the following e-ad¬dresses of the organisers/co-ordinators: 

Organiser/co-ordinator for Australia & New Zealand: Croatian Studies Foundation, Sydney

Organiser/co-ordinator for North America & South America Croatian School of Boston

Organiser/co-ordinator for Europe & the Republic of South Africa: Croatian Heritage Foundation, Zagreb

Independent specialist judges from Croatia and abroad will judge the works. By submitting a work to the contest the authors and their mentors guarantee that the work entered into the contest is original and authentic (not a copy of an existing work done by others). The winning works will be announced on the Internet site of the Croatian Heritage Foundation on the 3rd of September 2018.

More information

For all other information please contact us at:


Department of Education, Science and Sports
Lada Kanajet Šimić, prof., Head of Department
Trg Stjepana Radića 3, HR-10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
tel: (+385 1) 61 15 116 fax: (+385 1) 61 11 522

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