Thursday, 10 September 2015

The 55th Anniversary of the journal Studia Croatica

The 55th Anniversary of the journal Studia Croatica

We celebrate this year the 55th anniversary of the appearance of the journal Studia Croatica, which was first published in Buenos Aires in 1960. The journal is dedicated to the study of Croatian matters and is edited mainly in Spanish.

Throughout these years the journal published in paper some 12000 pages and many more on the Internet. The complete collection of the journal is on the Web with a total of some 25000 pages.

Our journal has always defended the right of the Croatian nation to have its own free and independent state, which happily became a reality in the 90s.

Studia Croatica remembers with gratitude its deceased editors, staff, contributors and members of the Latin American Croatian Cultural Institute, now called Studia Croatica Institute. As a tribute to them and their work of many years, we are compiling a book with the history of the journal and its people. This year we also completed a project called Croatian Migration Studies.

People who have worked for Studia Croatica over the years, publishers, staff members, contributors, Institute members and sponsors, total over 550 persons. To them all go our gratefulness and remembrance.

Studia Croatica wishes to thank the government dignitaries of the Republic of Croatia who have recognized our work, starting with the first president and founder of modern Croatian state, dr. Franjo Tudjman, himself a contributor to our journal already in the 80s.

Beginning its online presence in 1996, Studia Croatica has become one of the most important Croatian media outside Croatia, in any language. Studia Croatica is the reference in Spanish for the knowledge of history, culture and present of Croatia and Croatian emigration.

The journal acknowledges the continued support of its readers around the world, especially in Latin America, who often express their appreciation for the journal as is always with them since so many years in different ways: On paper, on the Web, on Youtube, on optical media, social networks and through your newsletters.

Studia Croatica also acknowledges the support of its sponsors and institutions of Croatia as the Croatian Heritage Foundation and the Office of Government of Croatia for Croats Abroad for the moral support and material received.

The journal greets Croatian media in the homeland and emigration, as well as the numerous Croatian institutions that accompany its work.

Magister Joza Vrljičak – Dr. Adriana Smajić
Editors - Studia Croatica

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